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Supporting collaborative research, data sharing, and experimentation across the environmental community.

About the Hub

Connected data.
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The Innovation Hub is here to empower data learning and strategy among environmental organizations – and also kindle collaboration, because everything is connected, and we can do more and better together. It’s our aim to democratize best practices and bold ideas across the community for the good of the world we share.

We work directly with data strategists and communications teams at partner organizations to assess common needs and opportunities that can be met with data. We design original research and experiments, pilot new methods and data tools, and highlight innovative projects.

We share what we’re learning through case studies and playbooks, webinars and meetups, newsletters and this website.

Our Workstreams

Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

GOTV & Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Issue Targeting Research

Issue Targeting Research

More Insights & Data

More Insights & Data

Featured Projects

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TWSAF Diversity Acquisition Campaign

In 2023 The Wilderness Society Action Fund set out to diversify their new member acquisitions in terms of age and race cost effectively. By tapping into creative trends, targeting, and platforms that represent younger and more diverse audiences, TWSAF aimed to reach bold but realistic goals.
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Environmental Issue Targeting Models

A development proposal to expand target models beyond climate or environment generally to new issue-based models for the environmental community. Issues may concern lands, wildlife, water, and other topics of importance. Opportunities to support this work are detailed in this webinar.
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AI Basics & Our Work

This presentation presents AI basics at a high-level including definitions, how environmental organizations are already using AI to power specific marketing tasks, and how to stay updated.
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Earthjustice Action GOTV Mobilization & Education

This 2022 midterm electoral campaign delivered significant results – and it’s a template for best-in-class planning, research and development, and measurement for campaigns of many types.
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