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Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

Early testing shows the use of extreme weather data in audience targeting and messaging can DOUBLE performance.

Polling increasingly shows a connection between experiencing extreme weather and prioritizing climate change. With such weather now impacting a majority of the U.S., there is an opportunity to drive action with timely communication — especially where weather extremes happen locally.

Extreme weather data is made available by entities such as the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation, the Innovation Hub has converted this data into user-friendly maps and data exports.

This workstream contains case studies, playbooks, data sets, and interactive map tools to visualize and act on this information in your campaign targeting and messaging.

Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

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Learn more about Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

Extreme Weather Map Tool & Playbook

Polls and testing show local extreme weather impacts audience response rates. Map and download local extreme weather data to target and customize your messages.
Learn more about Extreme Weather Insights & Targeting

Local Extreme Weather Messages Increase Performance

The National Wildlife Federation and the Innovation Hub analyzed the impact of localized extreme weather messaging and found it DOUBLED donations. It’s a promising result, and this NOAA data is available FREE to you on the Hub.
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