Our Partners

Combined Defense Project

Supporting environmental advocates to achieve shared goals

As of December 15th, 2023, CDP has closed its doors. Thank you to all of our partners over the years!

Who we are

The Combined Defense Project (CDP) serves as a knowledge and collaboration hub, advancing and defending just, equitable, and creative solutions to the environmental community’s most pressing, shared concerns.

We help local leaders, BIPOC-led organizations, and national environmental groups develop strategies, impact federal policies, and uplift effective, values-based messaging.

What we do

We fill gaps

CDP helps partners identify the values they have in common, and provide capacity, resources, and infrastructure to help them achieve their shared goals.

We collaborate

CDP is focused on maximizing our partners’ strengths. We use our connections and networks to make intel and information accessible. We facilitate communication between partners with varied perspectives on the issues. We lead from behind, without a public-facing brand, working to secure positive outcomes without caring who gets the credit.

We communicate

CDP leads with messaging based on our values: protecting our health, protecting our communities, protecting the environment, and maintaining access to the great outdoors. We tailor our message to reach our target audience and influence key decision-makers.

We do intersectional work

CDP brings allies and partners together from across the progressive movement to elevate environmental justice issues.

How we work

Day-to-day support

CDP convenes advocates and allies across the environmental movement, regularly updating them on the latest dynamics affecting federal environmental advocacy. We create opportunities for groups to share resources – including sign-on letters and social media toolkits – to help advocates stay current on what their colleagues are working on.

Rapid response communication & coordination

CDP provides communications support and surge capacity in rapid response moments, including organizing volunteer phone banks and mobilizing our partners and supporters to participate in days of action when important environmental protections are at risk.

Education & advocacy campaigns

CDP’s work includes building new coalitions to respond to new and emerging threats including: 

Changemakers wanted.

We are a national environmental non-profit that envisions a stronger, more connected, and more equitable environmental movement, and that starts within.