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Environmental Polling Consortium

The Environmental Polling Consortium (EPC) helps environmental advocates use public opinion research in their campaigns.

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The primary hub for environmental advocates’ polling-related needs

By collecting, distributing, and interpreting polling data on climate and environmental issues, the EPC works to make this research more accessible and to democratize data across the movement.

Whether you’re looking for the most relevant polling data on a specific topic, guidance on a new polling project, or polling-based insights to strengthen your organization’s strategy, the EPC is your one-stop hub.

David Gold
David Gold
Leah Zamesnik
Leah Zamesnik
Partnerships Manager

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Polling is an important tool in the environmental movement’s toolbox, but too many advocates and organizations are unable to use it effectively. Many advocacy organizations lack the resources to commission new polling projects, or don’t have the expertise needed to adequately analyze polling data. 

We believe that making polling more accessible to more advocates will make our movement more inclusive, more strategic, and more effective.

We work to empower advocates and environmental organizations by:

  • Sharing important findings from recent public opinion research
  • Providing a forum for advocates to share their own polling  data
  • Training advocates to help them better use and understand polling
  • Analyzing and interpreting public polling data to make it more actionable for advocates across the environmental movement

Become an EPC member

Access to certain EPC services, such as the library of non-public polling documents shared by EPC member organizations, requires official membership in the consortium.

If you’d like to become a member and have access to all of our data, analysis, and training materials, please contact us.

Membership plans are tailored to each organization’s ability to pay, with free plans available for groups that can’t afford to contribute polling or annual dues.

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