Access to certain EPC services, such as the library of non-public polling documents shared by EPC member organizations, requires official membership in the consortium.

The EPC is a movement support organization that creates and shares freely accessible content for the entire environmental community – including analyses of public polls, summary decks and poll memos, and the largest searchable library of public polling on environmental issues. By becoming a contributing member of the EPC, organizations can help support this resource for the entire movement.

While many EPC offerings are open to the environmental community (e.g., consultations, quarterly poll briefings, and weekly email roundups), certain offerings (e.g., access to the EPC library) require official membership in the consortium. Membership agreements and access tiers are tailored to member organizations’ specific needs and ability to contribute:

  • Researchers Circle members contribute private polling documents in exchange for access to the library;
  • Subscribers that can afford to pay annual dues and support the EPC as a resource for the movement; and
  • Organizations that don’t have the budgets to conduct their own polling or contribute annual dues can still join the Consortium as General Members.

Become a member of the EPC!

If you’d like to become a member and have access to all of our data, analysis, and other resources, please contact us