Your partner to save the planet.

The Partnership Project provides fiscal sponsorship and organizational support to environmental campaigns and partners working to protect our environment and sustain it for future generations.

What we do — and why we do it.

The Partnership Project is a movement infrastructure organization – we want to create a stronger, more connected, and more equitable environmental movement.

Through our work as a fiscal sponsor, we are focused on supporting environmental campaigns and partners working on some of the most important issues of our time: addressing the climate crisis, accelerating the transition to clean energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and amplifying the work of environmental justice.

In other words, we make sure those working to protect our environment can focus on their mission.

Creating a stronger and more connected environmental movement

The Partnership Project provides fiscal sponsorship to organizations working to protect our environment. Here are some of the amazing partners we support.

Partner Spotlight – Environmental Polling Consortium

Making public opinion data more accessible

The Environmental Polling Consortium (EPC) helps environmental advocates to use public opinion research in their campaigns. By collecting, distributing, and interpreting polling data on public opinion research about climate and environmental issues, the EPC works to make this research more accessible and to democratize data across the movement.

Partner Spotlight – Green Leadership Trust

Creating more diverse leadership

The Green Leadership Trust (GLT) is a network of Black, Indigenous, and people of color who serve on U.S. nonprofit environmental boards. GLT is working to build a more powerful environmental movement by diversifying its leadership.

Partner Remarks

During Climate Week in New York City, the Green Leadership Trust team had extraordinary demands for support to review and process a myriad of transactions related to the convenings. We deeply appreciate the time, attention, and dedication of the Partnership Project staff – they seem to always go above and beyond our expectations.

Emira Woods
Emira Woods
Executive Director, GLT

Who We Are

Your partner to save the planet.

As a fiscal sponsor, convener, and collaborator, we exist to support the work of our partner organizations in the environmental movement.