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The Partnership Project is working to create a stronger, more connected, and more equitable environmental movement.

Helping environmental partners focus on their mission

We work behind the scenes, supporting organizations dedicated to environmental protection, by providing fiscal sponsorship, infrastructure support, and cross-organization collaboration — allowing them to focus on their work. 

That means we help organizations process donations, establish payroll systems, set up email addresses, and provide health insurance and other benefits for their staff. Like a coordinated campaign for the environment, we connect campaigns working toward similar goals and provide them with  a full suite of services and resources, so our partners can focus on their work. 

In other words, we ensure those working toward environmental progress have greater capacity for that work, knowing that every minute not spent on internal or administrative work can be spent achieving their mission.

What is a fiscal sponsor?

A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to support the activities of groups, coalitions, or campaigns.

Fiscal Sponsorship and Organizational Support

Working behind the scenes to support your work

We make sure those working to protect our environment can focus on their mission.

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  • Finance and Operations Management

    • Development of program grants and contracts
    • Payment processing of grants, contracts, reimbursement, and other expenses
    • Assistance with select program logistics and bookings
    • Financial analysis and tracking support
    • Facilitation of grant proposals and reports
    • Managing tax and other compliance obligations
    • Managing information technology, tools and security
  • Human Resources & Employee Experience Services

    • Managing employee onboarding & offboarding
    • Administration of employee benefits
    • Managing HR functions related to compliance, evaluation & employee well-being
    • Payroll processing
    • Professional development opportunities for staff including an Executive Coaching program
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops and trainings

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Project Spotlight – Innovation Hub

Connected data.
Collaborative insights.
Innovative solutions.

The Innovation Hub is here to empower data learning and strategy among environmental organizations – and also kindle collaboration, because everything is connected, and we can do more and better together.

Partner Remarks

"We're a stronger movement when we work together and share best practices. The Innovation Hub has kept us updated on data-led work across the community and has even served as an extension of our team to help us implement new data strategies. They have been vital to measuring and growing our impact."

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Marjorie Mulhall
Executive Director, Earthjustice Action

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