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Rise to Thrive

Uplifting, supporting, and propelling women and femme leaders of color in the climate and conservation movements.

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Leading Change

At the heart of climate justice

Rise to Thrive is changing the face of the climate and conservation movements. Why? Because the people most impacted by environmental crises are least represented among the movement’s leaders today. Rise to Thrive aims to center the voices and concerns of cisgender, transgender, feminine-identifying, genderqueer, and nonbinary people of color in the transition to a clean energy economy.

Jameka Hodnett
Exec Director & Co-Founder

Theory of change

By providing space, networking opportunities and an innovation hub for women and femmes of color working in the environmental movement, Rise to Thrive elevates community-centered visions and improves individuals’ ability to take action together—creating a more environmentally just world.

What we do

Rise to Thrive focuses on building the power and supportive community that women of color need to work against environmental injustice and for a more sustainable future. The organization does this by:

Making connections through opportunities like retreats where leaders in this movement to come together, heal, grow, strategize, and build; as well as partnerships promoting equity across nonprofit and philanthropic environmental organizations.

Developing skills in resiliency and leadership among women of color in the environmental movement, with rapid response support for those serving at the frontlines and through mutual aid and professional development.

Building the movement through grassroots organizing and campaigns to stop fossil fuel infrastructure and support clean energy at the state and federal levels.

Spotlighting leaders through the organization’s Resilience in Climate Equity (RICE) award recognizing outstanding women of color in the movement who have been historically excluded, unpaid, and underpaid in mainstream environmentalism.

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