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Digital Climate Coalition

Bringing the transformative power of digital campaigning to connect and strengthen the climate movement.


At Issue

A digital divide

Polluters and climate change deniers spend millions coordinating efforts and aligning digital campaigns to delay, distract, and sabotage the will to act. Their messages and misinformation tactics have the intended effect of undermining frontline efforts, keeping advocates and organizations disconnected from others fighting similar fights and siloed from the resources of our broader movement.

Kate McKenney
Interim Executive Director

Taking Charge Together

Collective power for our climate future

The Digital Climate Coalition (DCC) believes that the climate crisis can be won by ensuring frontline organizations have awareness of and access to shared knowledge, strategies, and tools. DCC uses online platforms to build mechanisms for sharing, coordinating, and amplifying our collective power and wisdom.

What We Do

DCC supports campaigns that combine compelling narrative and digital deployment to put people in charge of our climate future. The coalition emphasizes data-inspired decision making, campaign coordination, training, and capacity building to connect and amplify the efforts of those working at the frontlines for a cleaner, safer climate future.

Diversify your Board of Directors

We are happy to assist you with sourcing diverse board members from our network. You will need to fill out an application and speak with the GLT’s leadership team. For more information, you can contact us at info@greenleadershiptrust.org.

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