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Campus Climate Network

Transforming universities into authentic climate champions by disentangling them from the influence of the fossil fuel industry, particularly in climate change research and investments.

At Issue

Breaking free from fossil fuel ties

Universities globally are often caught in a web of financial and research dependencies with the fossil fuel sector. These ties not only conflict with the ethics of academic independence but also hinder the progress of genuine climate research. Campus Climate Network is committed to unearthing and addressing these entanglements to pave the way for unbiased and impactful climate studies and policies. 

Jake Lowe
Executive Director

The Mission

Empowering student-led climate action

Campus Climate Network is revolutionizing the realm of student-led climate advocacy. They strive to create an international network of student groups committed to environmental justice, providing them with essential skills, resources, and support. Their mission is to cultivate a new generation of leaders who will spearhead impactful climate initiatives and policies in their academic environments and beyond.

What we do

Campus Climate Network is at the forefront of empowering students to challenge and change the status quo of the climate movement in academia.

Our activities focus on:

  • Comprehensive training for students to lead effective climate justice campaigns.
  • Providing essential resources and tools to facilitate campus-wide initiatives.
  • Organizing and supporting divestment movements across universities to end fossil fuel investments.
  • Advocacy for the implementation of fossil-free research policies in universities.

Featured Initiatives:

  • Nationwide campaigns for the withdrawal from fossil fuels across various universities.
  • Push for a ban on fossil fuel funding in climate-related academic research.
  • Workshops and seminars to train and upskill students in climate activism and leadership.

Join Us

Visit our website to learn more about our transformative journey. Engage in our campaigns, contribute to our efforts, and be a part of a global network of students reshaping the future of climate justice in academia.

Changemakers wanted.

We are a national environmental non-profit that envisions a stronger, more connected, and more equitable environmental movement, and that starts within.