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Organizations can play an important role in encouraging your constituencies to engage in elections. And in these complicated times, your reach and voices can mean even more – as you spread the word about voting resources and processes.

Getting out the vote can be as simple and inexpensive as sending an email to your list, or as sophisticated as embedding tools on a website and running paid ads. GOTV efforts can also further your organization’s goals by doubling as an acquisition campaign.

This active workstream pulls together lessons learned from across our community. It includes case studies and playbooks as starting points to demonstrate how a program could work for your organization and to build awareness of resources available. This workstream also features data sets and interactive map tools to visualize and act on this information in your campaign.

NOTE: Involve your legal team early and often when engaging in GOTV activities to ensure they are nonpartisan.

Civic Engagement

Featured Projects

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Earthjustice Action GOTV Mobilization & Education

This 2022 midterm electoral campaign delivered significant results – and it’s a template for best-in-class planning, research and development, and measurement for campaigns of many types.
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Lawmakers Votes Vs. Voter Priorities on the Environment

See where lawmakers fall short of voter priorities with respect to the environment by mapping their voting records and their constituents’ opinions. Use the data to target audiences and customize messages.
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How to Get Out the Vote

Find case studies, how-tos, and ways to measure and demonstrate success – all crowdsourced from effective environmental GOTV campaigns. There is something to learn here for c3 and c4 organizations with budgets of any size, including $0.
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A Voter Suppression Laws Cheat Sheet

In response to the many voting reforms designed to limit access to the ballot that passed into law across the U.S. after the 2020 election, the National Wildlife Federation has developed a tracking document that logs attributes and details of the laws across all 50 states. This content will be valuable to both c3 and c4 organizations.
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A Local Elections Spotlight via Climate Cabinet

Much of the work to create new policies to combat climate change happens at the local level. Climate Cabinet Action (a c4 organization) has built the largest database of local climate and political opportunities in the country – spanning states, cities, and more.
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Friends of the Earth Action GOTV Campaign

In 2020, Friends of the Earth Action conducted a GOTV campaign via text and phone banking to coincide with the North Carolina Senate and Nebraska First Congressional District House elections. The organization’s enviro-focused message had an impact.
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