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A Local Elections Spotlight via Climate Cabinet

You may have seen environmental scores for U.S. House or Senate members. But a great deal of the policy work to combat climate change also happens at the local level. Local leaders make critical decisions impacting energy, transportation, buildings, industry, land use, environmental justice, climate resilience, and more.  

Climate Cabinet Action has built the largest database of local climate and political opportunities in the country. Covering states, cities, counties, and more, Climate Cabinet’s data shows you key state legislators, county commissioners, and utility leaders across the country. From EV charging to wind and solar buildout to flooding justice, Climate Cabinet’s tools tell you which local leaders are making progress on climate – and which are dragging us backwards. 

If you have questions about this resource as you plan local election campaigns, please contact Climate Cabinet Action. The team is happy to offer advice and support.

The Climate Cabinet Interactive Scorecard

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