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Beyond ongoing workstreams, the environmental community and the Innovation Hub regularly work on bespoke or one-time projects with great value to the community.

Here we highlight some of this activity and demonstrate the range of innovations we have explored together to date.

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Featured Projects

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TWSAF Diversity Acquisition Campaign

In 2023 The Wilderness Society Action Fund set out to diversify their new member acquisitions in terms of age and race cost effectively. By tapping into creative trends, targeting, and platforms that represent younger and more diverse audiences, TWSAF aimed to reach bold but realistic goals.
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AI Basics & Our Work

This presentation presents AI basics at a high-level including definitions, how environmental organizations are already using AI to power specific marketing tasks, and how to stay updated.
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Membership Match Use Cases Playbook

This webinar details new data appended by a voter file match. It also highlights specific ways to use the data without additional technology or personnel.
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2022 Environmental Community Snapshot

This snapshot combines and summarizes more than 20 million voter and CRM records from over 50 environmental organizations to give a fuller picture the environmental community and opportunities for growth.
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Estimating Facebook Ad Costs by Congressional District

While congressional districts are generally proportioned evenly, the number of people on Facebook varies from district to district. To aid campaign planning, this audit estimates the number of people who can be reached on Facebook and the cost by congressional district.
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Persuasion Measurement for Campaigns

​​​​​​​Persuasion studies go beyond clicks to measure the impact of your campaign on the hearts and minds of your audience. This case study and playbook draws from several 2020 studies conducted by the Innovation Hub, the Combined Defense Project, and partner organizations National Wildlife Federation and Clean Water Fund.
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Social Media Platforms: Usage Trends & Insights

The Innovation Hub and the Digital Climate Coalition teamed up on this analysis and playbook demonstrating how often people across various demographic groups are using 30 social media apps.
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