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Fossil Free Research

Ending the toxic influence of fossil fuel money on higher education, particularly as it pertains to research on climate change.

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At Issue

Oil and gas influence

Huge oil and gas companies, and the trade groups that represent them, routinely establish research partnerships with big-name universities to legitimize themselves as good-faith actors in advancing climate solutions. In this role, they are well-positioned to influence knowledge production and undermine effective climate action. 

Jake Lowe
Executive Director

The Mission

Enabling real climate leadership

Fossil Free Research supports students and faculty working to expose and dismantle the fossil fuel industry’s influence over higher education – especially with regard to its climate-related research. The aim is to protect the integrity of academia and the policy it informs, enable the production of valuable climate knowledge and upskill the next generation of climate justice leaders.

What we do

This organization conducts research, trains coalition members, facilitates their knowledge sharing, and amplifies their voices to elevate the popular discourse about who’s involved in climate research and why that matters.

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Visit our website for ways to get plugged in and find support for campus efforts. And sign our open letter calling for a ban on fossil fuel industry-funded research on climate change, the environment, and energy policy.

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